Zuhayra Maternity | 34 Weeks

I am extremely excited to share these images! For the last couple of months I’ve slowly started creating a home studio for maternity and newborn photography. It’s not entirely done yet but I was curious to see what I could create with the space I have available at the moment so when Zuhayra was looking for a photographer for her own shoot, I jumped at the opportunity to finally photograph a beautiful mommy-t0-be at home! I’ve photographed Zuhayra before when we still worked together a couple of years ago and just knew she would look amazing! All dresses from this shoot is available for shoots (as well as a few others) and I’m also getting an on-location hair and makeup artist for coming shoots so please feel free to drop me an email if you’re interested in something similar.

Zuhayra’s Hair & Make-UP was done by Aneesa Adams from Anne’s Beauty Box: 082 815 6843, adams.aneesa1@gmail.com
Zuhayra Maternity_0001 Zuhayra Maternity_0002 Zuhayra Maternity_0003 Zuhayra Maternity_0004 Zuhayra Maternity_0005 Zuhayra Maternity_0006 Zuhayra Maternity_0007 Zuhayra Maternity_0008 Zuhayra Maternity_0009 Zuhayra Maternity_0010 Zuhayra Maternity_0011 Zuhayra Maternity_0012 Zuhayra Maternity_0013 Zuhayra Maternity_0014 Zuhayra Maternity_0015 Zuhayra Maternity_0016 Zuhayra Maternity_0017 Zuhayra Maternity_0018 Zuhayra Maternity_0019 Zuhayra Maternity_0020 Zuhayra Maternity_0021 Zuhayra Maternity_0022 Zuhayra Maternity_0023 Zuhayra Maternity_0024 Zuhayra Maternity_0025 Zuhayra Maternity_0026 Zuhayra Maternity_0027