Travis & Scott Proposal & Engagement | Table Mountain, Clouds & Delaire

I have always said that some of my favourite shoots are those of of travellers coming to South Africa because I get to see our beautiful country through their eyes and this one was no exception! I have been on Table Mountain a handful of times but I have never experienced it quite in this way before. The views are absolutely breathtaking!It was such an incredible honour to be able to photograph both their proposal and engagement photographs!

Both Travis and ScottĀ travelled from the US and had planned their holiday in South Africa which coincided with their 5 year anniversary. Travis contacted me about a month before they were to arrive in order to plan a secret proposal on top of table mountain and of course I was over the moon to be able to be part of this amazing moment!

He loved the site of the old cable car and we decided that I would meet them there, pretending to be a tourist and offering to take a photo of them on the ledge overlooking Camps Bay when he would go down on one knee and I would switch from his phone to my camera to capture the moment. Even though we had no idea that it would be a 2 hour hike for me from the cable car to get there and me being 20 weeks pregnant, everything went exactly according to plan and Scott had absolutely no idea that he’d leave that mountain as Travis’ fiance! The weather was absolutely perfect and we were able to get some sunset shots on the way down.

The next day we met up at the stunning Clouds Estate, where they were staying and got some fantastic photographs of the gorgeous scenery at both Clouds and Delaire Graff Estates (where they had a dinner reservation that evening). I can not believe we were so lucky to get two amazing sunsets and perfect days in what was an otherwise very wintery week.

Once again, congratulations! I hope you had the most wonderful time in South Africa and you will cherish these memories forever!

Shoot locations: Table Mountain, Clouds Estate and Delaire Graff Estate

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