Francois & Liesl’s Engagement Shoot on Clarence Drive

I met Liesl & Francois a couple of years back as high school sweethearts when her mom booked me for their matric farewell photoshoot.  A while after, Liesl contacted me wanting to get into photography and she started assisting for me at weddings. We’ve been working together for quite a while and I’ve also done one of my favourite couple shoots ever with these two at Kalkbay Harbour and was so incredibly happy when I got a whatsapp from her on Friday wanting to a shoot since they had just gotten engaged!

Francois asked her to be his wife in the same place that he asked her to be his girlfriend – her parent’s front porch! Her ring has a blushing bride motif and the story behind it is so special. Legend has it that if a guy wants to ask a girl out he should find the whitest blushing bride flower and present her with it. As his love for her grows he finds a pinker one to give her every time until the day he decides to ask her to marry him. He then finds the pinkest one, pins it to his lapel and everyone on the way to his soon-to-be fiancee will know that they are about to get engaged! She will then start blushing apon opening the door and seeing the flower pinned to his coat – the blushing bride!

Knowing this story, Francois filled the house with different flowers and when she finally reached the door he was there with the ring and a blushing bride pinned to his shirt. I just love this story so much! It’s also the very same flower he wore for this shoot…

I’ve congratulated you a million times already, but here’s one last time – CONGRATULATIONS! You two have something truly special and I can’t wait to see where this journey will take you !