Court wedding & Thailand Honeymoon

Dec 20th, 2016

So….as you all probably have seen on Facebook, we recently got married in Thailand! I decided to share a few photos from our honeymoon with you guys since it was one of the best experiences of my life! Since it’s quite a shlep to get the marriage paperwork done in Thailand, we got married at Home Affairs in Malmesbury on 28 October and decided to invite our wedding party and closest family members as some of them couldn’t make it to our wedding in Thailand. We had lunch at Cafe Felix in Riebeeck Kasteel after that.nico-alicia-troue_0001 nico-alicia-troue_0002 nico-alicia-troue_0003 nico-alicia-troue_0009 nico-alicia-troue_0010 nico-alicia-troue_0011 nico-alicia-troue_0014 nico-alicia-troue_0017 nico-alicia-troue_0018 nico-alicia-troue_0019 nico-alicia-troue_0020 nico-alicia-troue_0021

On 23 November, we flew to Thailand (ok first Doha, then Bangkok, then Koh Samui). You can see we look pretty damn tired and silly on these photographs.tammi-andrew-wedding_0115 tammi-andrew-wedding_0116 tammi-andrew-wedding_0117 tammi-andrew-wedding_0118 tammi-andrew-wedding_0119 tammi-andrew-wedding_0120

Samui Airport is basically a large lapa in the middle of a jungle. tammi-andrew-wedding_0123 tammi-andrew-wedding_0125 tammi-andrew-wedding_0129 tammi-andrew-wedding_0130 tammi-andrew-wedding_0131 tammi-andrew-wedding_0133 tammi-andrew-wedding_0134

We got a transfer from the airport and arrived at Al’s resort. I was VERY happy to see a swimming pool and beach bar. Our resort was on Chaweng Beach which is basically the busy part of Koh Samui with lots of street markets and night life.

tammi-andrew-wedding_0136 tammi-andrew-wedding_0137 tammi-andrew-wedding_0139 tammi-andrew-wedding_0140 tammi-andrew-wedding_0141 tammi-andrew-wedding_0144 tammi-andrew-wedding_0146 tammi-andrew-wedding_0149 tammi-andrew-wedding_0150 tammi-andrew-wedding_0153 tammi-andrew-wedding_0154 tammi-andrew-wedding_0166 tammi-andrew-wedding_0173 tammi-andrew-wedding_0174 tammi-andrew-wedding_0182 tammi-andrew-wedding_0183 tammi-andrew-wedding_0184 tammi-andrew-wedding_0188 tammi-andrew-wedding_0193 tammi-andrew-wedding_0195 tammi-andrew-wedding_0196 tammi-andrew-wedding_0197 tammi-andrew-wedding_0198 tammi-andrew-wedding_0200 tammi-andrew-wedding_0204 tammi-andrew-wedding_0208 tammi-andrew-wedding_0214 tammi-andrew-wedding_0216 tammi-andrew-wedding_0218 tammi-andrew-wedding_0221 tammi-andrew-wedding_0223 tammi-andrew-wedding_0224 tammi-andrew-wedding_0225 tammi-andrew-wedding_0228 tammi-andrew-wedding_0239 tammi-andrew-wedding_0240 tammi-andrew-wedding_0244 tammi-andrew-wedding_0255 tammi-andrew-wedding_0258

On our second day there, we decided to take a walk down to the go cart racing track to let the guys drive around a bit. It was raining but that didn’t stop anyone. tammi-andrew-wedding_0260 tammi-andrew-wedding_0262 tammi-andrew-wedding_0267 tammi-andrew-wedding_0270 tammi-andrew-wedding_0283 tammi-andrew-wedding_0285 tammi-andrew-wedding_0286 tammi-andrew-wedding_0298 tammi-andrew-wedding_0321 tammi-andrew-wedding_0323 tammi-andrew-wedding_0325

That night we walked along the beach and ended up in a couple of beach bars. This local bar cat loves the beach life.tammi-andrew-wedding_0346tammi-andrew-wedding_0326 tammi-andrew-wedding_0328 tammi-andrew-wedding_0341 thailand-last_0036 thailand-last_0044 thailand-last_0064 thailand-last_0090 thailand-last_0107 thailand-last_0110 thailand_0001 thailand_0002 thailand_0004 thailand_0025 tammi-andrew-wedding_0350 thailand-last_0009 thailand-last_0010 thailand-last_0014 thailand-last_0015

I’m pretty sure all of us had massages! This particular little hut was right outside Al’s resort and they only charge 200 Baht for an hour massage. That’s about R80. Some of us had more than one.thailand-last_0018 thailand-last_0019 thailand-last_0022 thailand-last_0023

One of the best things about Thailand is definitely the food! I’m pretty sure we had Thai curry at least 5 nights in a row. Their cocktails are pretty awesome too, not to mention the little stands with banana pancakes called Best Pancake, Good Pancake, Best Banana Pancake, Best Asean Pancake, and Pancake.thailand-last_0028 thailand-last_0039 thailand-last_0040 thailand-last_0042 thailand-last_0095

Two days before the wedding us girls decided to dye the groomsmen’s pants. What a freakin disaster. We first used tea and then realized that the thread count on some of the panels were different which resulted in them absorbing different amounts of tea…so it looked like clown pants! We then used hair dye which basically just washed them, then tried ammonia hair dye which turned them purple and as a last resort – food colouring! It worked really well but after the second batch, the turned PINK. So….a day before the wedding we bought them new pants.thailand-last_0118 thailand-last_0119

This was our walk-through of the wedding venue a day before. The weather had turned and it looked like a beach wedding was definitely out of the question. It’s still a stunning place though!thailand-last_0121 thailand-last_0126 thailand-last_0129 thailand-last_0131

While we were in Thailand I fed about 5 stray cats and a couple of dogs followed us home. This particular one was pregnant so I put out food every day. In the end they would loudly meow at 5am to make sure I got up in time for their meal. thailand-last_0139

These are actually in the wrong order. This adorable little woman is Ahmie. She was the guest relations manager and made sure that everything went well on the wedding day.thailand-last_0143 thailand-last_0144

Me trying to get a photograph of my wedding make-up and failing miserably.thailand-last_0148

The day after the wedding was incredibly rainy! In fact it was so bad that the road in front of our resort flooded and we were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to get back to our original resort or miss the flight back to SA!! thailand-last_0155 thailand-last_0156

If you’re on honeymoon, you get to have flowers in your jacuzzi bathtub. These were actually our wedding flowers that was left over from the previous day. The bed and bathroom sinks were also covered in flowers – so beautiful! We had just finished fishing the flowers out of all the tubs so that we could use them when I accidentally turned the ‘make up room’ button instead of turning on the ‘do not disturb’ button. They promptly came and replaced all the flowers we had just fished out with fresh ones from our wedding at 8am in the morning while we sat in our bathrobes!thailand-last_0157

This was our breakfast in bed! SO MUCH FOOD!thailand-last_0158

They have loaaads of random people with iguanas on the beach. One of which was placed on my head and decided to hold onto my hair. thailand_0003

I think it was around the 3rd day that we decided to do a day trip. We had to take a taxi to a beach resort, got on a boat and then went snorkling and got to hang out on the cutest little island with a little beach bar hut before returning to watch the sunset while cruising through about 5 islands. All of which had tiny houses on them with people living in them! thailand_0034 thailand_0037 thailand_0040 thailand_0041 thailand_0051 thailand_0052 thailand_0061 thailand_0083 thailand_0088 thailand_0097 thailand_0099 thailand_0100 thailand_0109 thailand_0112 thailand_0117 thailand_0122 thailand_0123 thailand_0127 thailand_0140 thailand_0152 thailand_0156 thailand_0157 thailand_0159 thailand_0168